What This Warranty Plan covers:

This is a sample, please read the full terms and conditions in the Active Warranty Plan.


Alternator, electric window motors, engine cooling fan motors, horn, indicator flasher relay, starter motor and sunroof motor / hydraulics
Flywheels & Drive Plates

Flexible drive plate for the automatic transmission's torque converter, solid and dual mass flywheels (flywheels damaged by clutch friction plates are not covered) and starter ring gear.
Electronic Control Units (ECUS) & Computers

The engine management ECU - Engine ECU only. (Not covered - upgraded ore revised software and firmware including software and firmware patches and updates, relating directly or indirectly to any components of your vehicle and any retro-fitted ECU's and computers are not covered.)
Fuel System

Air flow sensors and meters, fuel gauge sender unit, fuel pressure regulators & accumulators, fuel pumps (including pre pumps, low, high pressure pumps & injection pumps), injectors (including petrol, diesel & single-point injectors.
Braking System

Anti-lock breaking system (ABS) pump & control unit, calipers, master & wheel cylinders, pressure reducing & proportioning valves, and vacuum servo.

(Including automated manual gearboxes, automatic gearboxes, four wheel drive transfer gearboxes, hybrid transaxles.) Automatic transmission brake bands & clutches & modular valves, drive chains, gear lever, gears, hydraulic gear-shift governors & internal servos & valve blocks, internal bearings & bushes, oil pumps, selector forks, shafts (all including extension shafts), synchromesh hubs and rings and torque converter.

Casings are covered provided they have been damaged as a direct result of the failure of a covered Component.
Ignition System

Camshaft sensors, crankshaft sensors and ignition coils.

Clutch cable, master & slave hydraulic cylinders and pedal assembly.
Oil Seals & Gaskets

The engine crankshaft rear oil seal and the main gearbox input shaft oil seal are both covered and other oil seals and gaskets that would necessitate the removal of the engine, a gearbox or a final drive unit to carry out repairs are all covered subject to any oil leak from them being sufficiently advanced that oil can be seen to be dripping (slight leaks causing only oil misting or staining are not covered.)
Cooling Systems

Engine cooling water radiator, heater radiator, thermostat & housing, viscous cooling fan couplings and water pump.
Steering Column

Shaft & tilt mechanism & couplings, hydraulic pumps and reservoir & pressure pipes, steering & idler boxes, rack and pinion assembly (including hydraulic rams and electric motors) and track rods and track rod ends.

All internally lubricated parts are covered including: Camshafts & bearings, camshaft followers & rockers (including hydraulic lash adjusters), connecting rods & bearings, crankshaft & bearings, cylinder block, cylinder bores & liners & seals, cylinder heads, internal bushings & bearings, oil pump & drive, pistons & rings, timing gears, chain, tensioner, valves, springs & guides, burnt or pitted valves and valve seats are not covered).

Wheel bearings.

Turbocharger units.

(Including front & centre & rear differentials, front & rear live axels and drive shafts.)
Constant velocity joints, crown wheels & pinions, differential gears & thrust washers, external drive shafts, internal bushes. * bearings (including wheel bearings) & shafts, internal parts of differential locking mechanism, propeller shafts & propeller shaft couplings & centre bearings and universal joints.

The following engine parts are also covered:

Crankshaft pulley and cylinder head gasket. Camshaft drive belts are covered as follows:  Camshaft drive belts and tensioners (subject to documented proof that the last due change of camshaft drive belt has taken place as specified by the manufacturer's recommended servicing schedule).

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